Use PostgreSQL on CentOS 7

Create a New Role

From the postgres Linux account, you have the ability to log into the database system. However, we’re also going to demonstrate how to create additional roles. The postgres Linux account, being associated with the Postgres administrative role, has access to some utilities to create users and databases.

We can create a new role by typing:

  • createuser –interactive

This basically is an interactive shell script that calls the correct Postgres commands to create a user to your specifications. It will only ask you two questions: the name of the role and whether it should be a superuser. You can get more control by passing some additional flags. Check out the options by looking at the man page:

  • man createuser


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Install PostgresQL Centos 7

PostgreSQL (pronounced ‘post-gres-Q-L’) is a free, open-source object-relational database management system (object-RDBMS), similar to MySQL, and is standards-compliant and extensible. It is commonly used as a back-end for web and mobile applications. PostgreSQL, or ‘Postgres’ as it is nicknamed, adopts the ANSI/ISO SQL standards together, with the revisions.

1. Install PostgreSQL

yum install postgresql.x86_64 postgresql-server

PostgreSQL should now be installed. (more…)

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